From basketball to the altar

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Basketball was my life, playing since I was 10 years, was a childhood dream to be a professional player.

Grew out of religious life, basketball was my religion. One day I met the Universal Church and was the first Christian church that I went in and thank God to this day I am in this faith.

Time passed by, I was delivered, I was baptized in the waters, received the baptism with the Holy Spirit. What was my biggest dream gradually ceased to be, yet I still resisted for a while the voice of God when He put in me the desire to serve on the altar.

The great basketball tournament came and I say This is when I will change my story, a great entrepreneur will be my manager. This was my plan, however in a training I twisted my ankle, I did everything to recover in time, and so, nothing will stop me from playing this great tournament Friday at 9pm the day before the tournament, I broke the other ankle. My God, now I will not play, and I started crying amidst the cry I said: GOD IF THE LORD DO NOT WANT THAT I PLAY BASKETBALL TELL ME. Two weeks after I recovery from injury « all desire to play has disappeared on other words all the dream of that boy of 10 years has ceased to exist. Today I am on the altar and I answered the call of God.

FullSizeRenderThen came a great job opportunity, working in the Bank Espirito Santo, but the call to the altar consumed me inside so I denied that job to be on the altar.

And you guys? How long you will run away from God’s call?

And you girls? until when you will run away from God’s call?

When God calls to serve Him, He supports you with the anointing of the Holy Spirit, He enables you, and of course He will use you in a way you can not imagine, but you just have to do one thing, answer God’s call.

We have been called to serve.

Pastor Luis Graça


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